gosh i miss sterek so dang much 

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Five of my Guild Wars 2 characters are now wearng the pirate outfit. Because I can.




In response to your question about actors and ships: it doesn’t really matter. It’s like the death of the author: you put glorious things out and then they’re not yours anymore. At the same time, courtesy as fellow fans in no ship-shaming is even more important because your voices are louder.
In response to your question about whether what actors ship has effect on what fans ship: not really? In this scenario, you essentially become fans. What you ship is generally irrelevant to what we ship. But you are higher profile than fans generally are, so it’s more important to us that you remain respectful toward things you don’t ship.


That’s actually a question that fans are really divided on themselves, especially when it comes to queer ships, for specific reasons that have to do with fannish history. To be a slash fan wasn’t always as safe as it is today and people rightly worried that if their involvement in fandom, especially if it included queerness and sexual content, became known in their real lives they would face dire consequences.

It’s a relatively young mindset that we even can ask, that we even can push, that we have that kind of power, though I’d argue it’s actually quite limited in terms of force. Mostly our power is suggestive and reactive - we can point out things the writers/actors may not have noticed and we can choose not to watch if something goes in a different direction than we thought.

But especially in TV I think it’s unfair to leave fans out of what is already such a collaborative process. TV characters exist in the space between the writer’s vision, the director’s and editor’s eye, the producer’s money and actor’s grace. There’s so much that gets changed or adapted based on so many factors, why wouldn’t fan reaction be one of them?

I honestly think that our perspective as fans/audience is unique because of the way we linearly consume the narrative and have to make up our own minds about certain issues and where the story might be going. Every day we have to decide if the story is worth listening to, while you and the writers have to figure out if it’s worth telling. The way creators see their own work is often fractured and full of things that are changeable and many many things that may never make it into the finished product (at least that’s my own experience as a writer) so I feel that we come at the story differently when we consume it than when we produce it and I truly believe the voice of the audience is valuable and should always be a tool in the creator’s tool box.

Of course not everything the audience wants is immediately a good story and needs to be in there ASAP - it’s also simply not possible to do everything everyone wants because so much of it is mutually exclusive.

But should we have the right to push, to campaign, to try and change the minds of the creators with everything we have? I don’t see why not as long as we all stay civil with each other, in fandom and between fans and creators. I’ve seen quite a few non-ship movements that were quite aggressive - thinking of Save Daniel Jackson or the campaign that moved Bioware to write a new-ish ending for one of their games - and honestly I don’t see why ships are any different.

And a lot of people won’t agree with me, but I do believe that sometimes the creators are wrong. Sometimes they are blinded by other issues and fail their own story, fail their characters and fail their audience. (See HIMYM)

I think fans deserve to be heard, doesn’t mean all their wants and desires have to be met. And sometimes it’s totally worth it to follow through on the little sparks they found that no one was even thinking about.





I have successfully avoided hearing about BiteCon which I assume means there has been no good news about Sterek.

Well the thing is - and I was there, missing only the lacrosse bros panel and alpha level talk with Jeff and the writers - there was very little spoiler talk AT ALL. They were very careful not reveal much about season 4. As we all get home and recuperate from a fantastic weekend and con you’ll see more thorough posts about panels and events.

That said, 1) neither Tyler H nor Dylan were there which limits questions about their characters - particularly in reference to each other 2) there’s little that can be said at this point that hasn’t been said many times before 3) the questions were fan questions - although moderated - and I promise there was not a dearth of sterek fans there 4) I can’t speak to the two panels I did not attend but any shipping questions asked were detected at the actors in attendance regarding their characters only and specifically.

Sterek was not excluded because it exists but because it was not relevant in the panels or to the questions asked. Although I do remember some sterek “tropes” referenced in the face-off game.

The fanfic panel was a horse of a different color. wait for the video which from what I understand will be made publicly available.

Also the podcast lovelies will be transcribing the event which will clarify quite a bit of miscommunication.

If I were to describe this con in fic terms I would say it was a gen fic with massive pack feels. And I personally think that is a wonderful thing.

I haven’t been to any other teen wolf heavy cons, so I can’t speak to the difference directly but from my online assumptions, Bitecon was far, far less of a targeted drive for spoilers and more of a general celebration of the show and (more beautifully, I thought) the fandom.

So many of us were in attendance mainly to meet the other fans - the panels and cast interaction were just an awesome bonus.

I’ve seen a lot of people online assuming that because there has been less social media chatter, the con was a giant flop but guys no; there was less chatter because we were too busy having a goddamn awesome time at the con.

I agree with Oliver (yes I’m calling you Oliver now, you can’t stop me) when she says that we’ll see more breakdowns and info coming out now that the con has come to it’s glorious finish.

We’re all back behind computers, recovering and reminiscing.

To anyone who wasn’t there, who has made flash-fire negative assumptions based on out of context quotes and/or lack of online activity, I can guarantee you are streaking off into the sunset prematurely. Because I promise you, this was the very opposite of the dire failure you’re all pronouncing it.

Can we not put words in my mouth, please?

I’ve worked late shift all week and weekend, I’m exhausted, and I avoided the internet to a large extent. All I said is that clearly there was no good Sterek news because if there had been, if people had asked Jeff or the other writers and gotten anything worthwhile, it would have been all over the place.

I don’t know nor care what other people are saying. I’m not here to diss your con experience. I was hoping for good news because I’m hanging on by a thread and frankly this fandom, while full of lovely people, has also shit on me and my friends repeatedly and thoroughly so I’m not really staying around for that if canon is also shitting on me.

This fandom has introduced me to some really amazing people but by and large it’s also been one of my worst fandom experiences. I loved Wolfsbane and meeting other fans, especially Sterek fans because let’s be real here, I love Sterek and it means a lot to me and people sharing that makes me happy. I live for the con experience if there is something to share - whether it’s listening to China Mieville talk or to meet Avery Brooks in an elevator - and I’m not going to tell you how to feel about that. The first con especially is always going to be amazing, and Comic Con really doesn’t count. There’s no reading of The Eye of Argon at Comic Con.

I’m happy you guys had fun.

I just really wish there had been some good news.

there were no questions regarding sterek. just the ”king” question that jeff refused to answer. we’re hoping it means spoilers.

Hope dies last, but it looks pretty banged up right now.

I’m not aware of any canon based Sterek news, but there was fanfiction panels & reads that included Sterek

Tbh, if one were going to do fanfic panels and reads and excluded sterek, that would show a huge unpleasant bias. People can say what they want, but this fandom’s fanwork is built on the sterek backbone.

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I have successfully avoided hearing about BiteCon which I assume means there has been no good news about Sterek.


isn’t it nice that erica and boyd decided to go and visit allison in france?? so nice.


isn’t it nice that erica and boyd decided to go and visit allison in france?? so nice.

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Btw, if you are one of them many amazing, kind and above all ridiculously patient people who won me in an SC auction, any auction, could you please re-contact me? I’ve lost the original emails and while I know WHAT I’m doing, I no longer know who I’m doing it for… yeah, I know, I suck. I’m sorry.

This is a great site for checking out armour as a whole instead of trying to piece it together with the wardrobe: argos-soft.net/GW2/Arm…

Oh, I know the site! I’m actually really fond of the ability to piece it together :D I’ve been waiting for the ability to easily preview all armors together in whichever way I wish for a long time :D

I made a human female Ranger just for dat T3 armour. Underboob! (Unfortunately everyone else seems to have the same idea haha)

It’s so hard to find skimpy leather armor! All this covered skin is giving me a complex XD

Lol I tried to do the same, but it doesnt really work on a asura :)

Do you have a heavy armor asura? Because the gladiator/exotic version looks pretty neat. Lots of skin at least ;)


Guild Wars 2 has a new wardrobe system and I spent all morning finding the skimpiest, yet tasteful outfits I could find for my favorite characters.


You are not alone. 

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The idea that someone would judge me for shipping used to make me defensive. I used to try and explain, to justify.

But here’s the deal. The thought of Derek and Stiles (standing in here for all the couples that came before and will hopefully come after) makes me happy. They mean a lot to me, individually, but together they mean even more. The idea that they could find something worthy in each other, something to hold on to for the rest of their lives, something that makes them both better and that makes them happy, that idea gives me joy. It gives me hope.

Who are you to judge me for that? Who are you to judge that little bit of happiness in my life? Who the fuck do you think you are?

If all shipping ever does is make people happy, then damn, son, that’s still better than most things in this life. So fuck you for looking down on it.